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Atmosphère Diffusion offers a broad range of different fragrance diffusers. Our patented ultra fine mist (micro-nebulisation) technology transforms pure liquid fragrance into a fine, dry, cold gas, guaranteeing uniform coverage.
The effectiveness of olfactory marketing is closely linked to the diffusion technology we employ. Atmosphère Diffusion offers several options, including micronisation technology, which allows us to transform liquids into cold, dry gases, diffusing odours and adding fragrance to spaces to create the olfactory ambiance you desire.

Our Technology

The technology we use to transform liquids into cold gases without creating any particulate does not require combustion. It guarantees :
  • compliance with quality standards for fragrance diffusion,
  • that the fragrance is not modified in any way when it is diffused,
  • that there is no health risk.
To add fragrance to your space or create your own olfactory identity, choose from our selection of diffusers :
  • light, compact, and discreet, they blend with your furniture and become a part of your décor,
  • equipped with a timer to program the diffusion of the fragrance, as well as its intensity,
  • constant diffusion, without alcohol, combustion, or harmful additives,
  • "Plug & play" (220 volt power supply).
Our diffusers can be integrated into your air conditioning system, a technology exclusive to Atmosphère Diffusion.

Create your own customised diffuser !

We can design and produce a small to medium quantity (20 unit minimum) of devices that meet your precise specifications. Make your diffuser an invaluable communication tool by personalising it.

Atmosphere Diffusion is opening a branch in Miami


Opening of an office in Miami

Atmosphere Diffusion is making its entrance onto the American market with a new branch in Miami, Florida.

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