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Clients (from a whole range of sectors: hotels, spas, boutique stores, shopping malls….) who have put their trust in our technology were happy to speak to our Marketing Director and share their own particular experiences of scent marketing.

logo clinea« Our clinic has been renewed last year. We provided transformations to improve the quality life of our patients with an art of living and a wellness spirit. We gave a hotel quality to our life rooms and patients bedrooms. The smell atmosphere was the final touch of this cocooning spirit. The diffusers are located at the clinic reception. Patients are delighted as the staff is. Indeed the perfume gives a clean impression and maintenance of the place which is important in a hospital environment. »

Lydia Sarrazin,
Coordinating Nurse, Clinea


Motor Village"We wished to create a real experience for our customers. We don't give enough importance to the olfactory sense which is an important sense of experience. We would like to do something new in order that our customers feel simply well in our place. In a concession, we often smell exhaust pipes when we move the cars, oil odors what is unpleasant for our customers and colleagues.

We created an olfactory rupture which is a real advantage. We chose a fragrance we could diffuse all along the year and which could be the same for all our concessions (8 in France) in order to have an olfactory identity for the brand. The fragrance allows our customers and colleagues to move and work in a chilled atmosphere. Our customers are more patient, more relaxed notably when the place is crowded."

Shirley Fort,
Marketing Manager, Motor Village


Maxibazar"We requested Atmosphere Diffusion’s expertise because we thought that diffusing a fragrance was the continuation of our research to improve our customer quality welcome. We wanted them to feel comfortable in a pleasant atmosphere for their eyes and nose. We chose perfumes which follow seasons by their features, Christmas tree for the end of the year, tiara for summer. We chose a strawberry fragrance for our kitchen department we have just opened. We would like a logical coordination between products we sell and fragrances we diffuse.

The idea is that the customer, immersed in a perfumed atmosphere, could imagine the use of the product."

Frédéric Coston,
Deputy Director, Maxibazar Group