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Marketing olfactif


Did you know that people remember 5% of what they hear, 15% of what they see and 35% of what they smell? The olfactory memory is particularly developed and is the most powerful trigger of emotions. Scent marketing has a significant part to play in any sensory brand strategy.

Of the five senses, the sense of smell has the greatest emotional impact. Certain emotions can remain dormant in a consumer's memory, and can be awakened by a scent.

Your nose, and those of your clients, are marketing tools !

In humans, the signals created by scents are sent directly to the left hemisphere of the brain, which is linked to pleasure, mood, and emotions. The olfactory memory is the most enduring of all, and it can have an effect on an individual's behaviour.Today, olfactory marketing is one of the key elements in sensory marketing. An excellent way to welcome and assist clients and promote customer loyalty, olfactory marketing is an important tool in business marketing strategy. It allows businesses to establish a strong identity, giving them a "soul supplement", and contributes to an identifiable and recognisable brand territory. For example, it stands to reason that a visitor who is enticed by a pleasant scent will spend more time in a shop. A gourmet fragrance diffused at the entrance of a restaurant can trigger a purchase. Odours usually affect a consumer's comportment on a subconscious level.

Consequently, the olfactory comfort your clients feel in your commercial space will become a key feature of their experience and well-being. This innovative technique will create a unique sensory experience. The different fragrances and technologies your company chooses to employ are key elements in the success of your olfactory approach.

With a range of over 650 fragrances, Atmosphère Diffusion is your olfactory partner. Our company is at your service, helping you formulate your olfactory marketing approach by creating a customised olfactory ambiance that suits your business.