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Really set the scene in your reception area, work or retail space by diffusing the fragrance that you have carefully selected with the expert guidance of our scent profiler. Scent your sales outlets with a fragrance that completes your brand.

Our company operates at several different levels of olfactory marketing, according to your needs.

Atmosphère Diffusion meets your expectations thanks to our technical expertise in olfactory marketing.

Add fragrance to your reception or sales area to create a welcoming environment for your customers to experience Add a sense of drama to your space by creating an olfactory ambiance that is compatible with your branding strategy.

Whether it is energising, invigorating, relaxing, or soothing: each fragrance has its own power, the power to trigger a reaction. Fragrance can spark a memory that has been buried for years. Use the power of fragrance to create your own olfactory ambiance and make your reception or sales area more pleasant.

Create or customise the fragrance that matches the values associated with your brand, in the same way as you would choose a fragrance for your skin. Atmosphère Diffusion operates in harmony with the aromatic profile created for the specific identity of your brand. This means you will be able to set your company apart with your own signature fragrance. Fragrance will become a feature within your space, and will strengthen your identity while helping to increase awareness of your brand image.

Neutralise unpleasant odours. Unpleasant odours affect all sectors of activity, and awareness of this problem has intensified since tobacco was banned from public places in January 2008. Neutralise unwelcome odours with our AD'tubes diffuser or by adding a neutralising fragrance to your diffusers.