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Go for the neutralising solution by adding a fragrance touch of fragrance.

Characteristics :

  • Versatile construction (tube or column).
  • Silent.
  • Can be programmed with a timer.
  • Simple "Plug & play" set-up.

Technical Specifications :

  • Dimensions: 40 cm tall.
  • Larger version available: 120 cm tall. 
  • Refill : 8 gel bar refills per year.

The tube contains a bar of gel that neutralises odours with a hint of fragrance.
This bar acts like a chemical sponge which, on one hand, absorbs unpleasant odours and, on the other hand, dispenses a fragrance. There is no risk of contamination (solid state).

The tube is either affixed to the base with a collar or against a wall, leaving room for air circulation. It can also be placed on a stand on the ground.

Applications :

Specially designed for enclosed spaces that are susceptible to unpleasant odours: workout rooms, restaurant bathrooms, doctors' offices, hallways in retirement homes and hotels, shoe shops, spas,

Types of odours treated: tobacco, fried food, perspiration, refuse, etc.