Are you fascinated by the world of fragrances? Do you just love the harmony of different scented tones and notes? Then why not join in on a perfume workshop at Atmosphère Diffusion – a course designed for total beginners or to help you perfect the art of creating an ambient scent.

Are you fascinated by the universe of fragrance and the melody of scents ?

Create your very own ambient fragrance

You want to learn everything there is to know about fragrance and its origins, to understand the composition of fragrance. To be able to create your own ambient fragrance.

Atmosphère Diffusion's fragrance workshop is perfect for you!

Miss France 2013 participated in our fragrance workshop, and you can too! Take part in our event and take home your very own ambient fragrance, as well as a second bottle to give as a gift!

Come and join us in a unique Parisian setting at White Institute, in the heart of Paris.

Learn about the history and development of fragrance. You also will learn about the fragrance manufacturing process and about fragrance marketing.