The different phases of a fragrance, top note, heart note and base note, all contribute to its overall harmony. Design a bespoke scent in line with your brand identity and values or select one from our exclusive, private collection – either way, create your own unique olfactory signature.

The fragrances are divided into 7 olfactory families: Amber, Woody, Floral, Fruity, Gourmand, Fresh, Ocean

A fragrance is created around one or more dominant notes. This note provides a way to classify the fragrance into one or more of the above families. For example, our Promesse de Vetyver fragrance is an ode to the woody family, with base notes of sandalwood, cedar, and Vetyver.

Fragrances are presented in the form of an olfactory pyramid divided into three distinct parts : the top noteheart note, and base note work together. The top note is what we smell first, creating the first impression of the fragrance. It is also the most fleeting note. Next comes the heart note, followed by the base note, the most tenacious, which leaves a lasting impression. The olfactory pyramid gives us an understanding of how a fragrance evolves over time.

With Atmosphère Diffusion, you can create an olfactory ambiance all year long, or for a specific event, season or celebration.

At Christmas try our sweeter scents, like our Biscuit or Chocolat-Orange fragrances.
During the summer, transport your clients to the tropics with our Tiare Flower and Palm Milk fragrances.
The fresh and sophisticated scent of our fig fragrance suits any season.

Choosing the right scent will guarantee the success of your olfactory marketing strategy !

In a retail space, an odour is never neutral.
It will be the first impression your client has when they walk through the door, and it will also impact your clients' perception of time and space. Put the odds in your favour and choose the right fragrance for you.

Four ways to choose your fragrance :

  • Select a fragrance from our Private fragrance collection
  • Adapt your ambient fragrance to your needs with customised diffusion technology
  • When you customise one of the fragrances in our collection, that customised fragrance will be reserved for you alone
  • The creation of your signature scent : your logolf ("olfactory logo")

Did you know ?

When you create your signature scent profile, Atmosphère Diffusion guarantees that your fragrance will remain yours exclusively.