Atmosphère Diffusion, with its know-how in fragrance diffusion and olfactory air treatment, has been providing expert advice to professionals since 1998. We offer a global and tailored solution to all your scenting needs.
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Atmosphère Diffusion, a French scent diffusion company, is majority held bagnolet bottlesby the Gift Financial Group.

Atmosphère Diffusion has been developing technologies to suit the needs of professionals since it was founded in 1998. Our technical sales team is made up of 12 people who share the same passion: the sense of smell. Our sales and marketing division has five staff members, and is located in Paris' 8th arrondissement. Gift Group subsidiaries are responsible for communication and exports. Our technical and operations division, located in Bagnolet, France, are managed by a technical director who leads a team of office-based and travelling technicians, including a perfume evaluator and an R&D engineer.

Our strategy is to manipulate the most immaterial and impalpable element of our environment: air quality and odours. Our sense of smell contributes to our overall sense of well-being, and is linked to our most profound emotions. We can manipulate this sense in a variety of ways, from simply diffusing scents that suit a certain place or time, to the production of purified air.

We operate in the following areas of olfactory marketing :
  • creating an olfactory ambiance or olfactory comfort,
  • neutralising unpleasant odours,
  • fragrance for events.

We work in many different areas of activity, including: lifestyle, beauty, well-being, shopping centres, sports centres, interior design, entertainment, publishing, events, fashion, hotels, jewellery shops, leather shops, perfume shops, retirement homes, car parks, health and beauty shops, clothing shops, restaurants, opticians...

Atmosphère Diffusion has become the leading economic player in the fragrance sector, both with regard to technical expertise in air treatment technology as well as expertise in fragrance and the neutralisation of bothersome odours.