As experts in ambient scenting, Atmosphère Diffusion has partnered numerous events. Please browse through some of the diverse occasions when we added that “extra touch.

Some places inexplicably draw you in. They just have amazing appeal….

An unforgettable event

Use scenting to give your event that extra dimension, that “stand out” quality, that sense of magic… Differentiate yourselves from your competitors with a scented ambiance. Enhance the potential image impact of your event. Atmosphere Diffusion, your olfactory marketing partner is by your side.

Some of our creations:


Salon de la lingerie – July 2015: an interactive area, “The Beach”, was scented with a fragrance called Romance, mingling hints of fresh ocean spray and notes of coconut-infused Tahitian monoi reminiscent of the seashore.


The Universal Exhibition in Milan – May to October 2015: the Moroccan stand harnessed Atmosphere Diffusion’s skills to create a multi-layered scented ambiance: a touch of spices, ocean spray…a hint of roses and orange blossom topped with a woody note, all helped transport guests to the very heart of beautiful Morocco… Inauguration of the Chauvet Cave replica – April 2015: working closely with the perfumer Karine Chevallier, Atmosphere Diffusion designed a scented ambiance for the replica Prehistoric cave of the Pont d’Arc. Karine Chevallier reproduced the atmosphere of the Chauvet cave with a scent diffused using our technology, heightening the senses of visitors as they explored and discovered the replica cave paintings from the magnificent Chauvet cave.


Rugby World Cup – September 2015: Atmosphere Diffusion was approached by Société Générale (official partner of the event) to help create an authentic atmosphere in an area of their main branch set aside for the occasion. We achieved this with a Grass and Dewdrop scent.

Trophée La Parisienne – September 2014: Atmosphere Diffusion diffused a delicious Orange Tree Leaf fragrance, a signature scent with sparkling notes, created especially for the event.


Opening of the White Institute Wellness & Beauty Centre – May 2015: Atmosphere Diffusion selected the Renaissance fragrance for this occasion with floral notes echoing lilac and violet as a tribute to Beauty.  The Centre uses seasonal, themed scenting to enhance the notion of the 5 senses so very integral to its work.

ESSCA Gala Event – December 2014: students, parents and corporate partners were welcomed to the Angers Exhibition Complex with different theme-scented areas in the various exhibition halls.


Atmosphere Diffusion proposes something really special for weddings. Encapsulate the spirit and atmosphere of your magic venue with a fragrance that truly puts the icing on the cake on your special day. Echo your signature scent in bespoke gifts for your guests with original mementos of your wedding: candles, scented beads, room fragrance….

Atmosphere Diffusion has specific mention by Améliste (one of our partners) in their Organization/Gifts for Invitees category (sugared almonds, wedding favours, mementos).