Create the right impact for your event through a total brand experience, including the sensory dimension: inaugurations, cultural events, themed evenings, sporting events, exhibitions, product launches…. Select the fragrance that fits your event and make this happen.

Add an olfactory note to all your events, from a one-off product launch or inauguration, to regular seasonal occasions like Christmas parties. Choose an ambient fragrance from our select, private collection and make it the signature scent for your unique event.

Scenting to reinforce the overall sensory experience of your event, allows you to gently swathe your guests in a pleasantly perfumed atmosphere, totally immersing them in the original ambiance you seek to create.

Atmosphere Diffusion, a leading light in olfactory marketing, will look after all your event scenting needs in line with your client brief.

Scenting, that is skilfully tailored to your event :

  • creates a pleasant ambiance in which to welcome guests
  • adds a positive feel-good factor for all those who attend
  • produces a total and unique sensory dimension to your event
  • makes for a more memorable, “stand-out” moment in the minds of all your guests

Make it extra special and give your guests a perfumed memento of your event – encapsulate the fragrant spirit of your event in a tailored, scented gift.

Atmosphere Diffusion works closely with Collection Parfumée, a company that specialises in producing bespoke perfumed items – ambient scents, scented candles, reed diffusers, scented beads, perfumed pottery…