Atmosphère Diffusion produces a number of diffusers in its range that are specifically designed to deal with unpleasant smells. Harnessing two different types of technology (micronisation and progressive media) the objective is the same: to treat and eliminate bad odours.

Unpleasant odours affect all sectors of activity. Awareness of this problem has intensified since tobacco was banned from public places in January 2008. Studies have shown that people stay in shops longer when they feel more at ease.

The diffusion of a pleasant odour contributes to an individual's sense of well-being inside the retail space. Conversely, a foul odour can be a deterrent, and leads people to stay for as little time as possible.

Atmosphère diffusion offers you two solutions to combat this problem :

  • Cover up the unpleasant odour in your retail space by rendering it imperceptible to your shoppers,
  • Neutralise unpleasant odours by replacing them with an appealing fragrance.

We offer two diffusers specifically designed to neutralise odours : the AD’tube (Progressive Media Diffusion technology) and the AD’clean diffuser (Micronisation technology), are the solution to your problems !

It is also possible to add a neutralising fragrance to our diffusers.